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Our Company

Chemreach GmbH is an independent scientific and technical consulting company located in Germany. We provide professional service and expertise in REACH and CLP/GHS chemical regulatory compliance, chemical management, chemical safety assessment and exposure assessment, scientific and technical solution/strategy, EHS management of dangerous chemicals. We have engaged in REACH registration and CLP classification and labelling and chemicals management services for many years and have deep knowledge and rich practical experience of REACH and CLP. We have worked with hundreds of Non-EU manufacturers to successfully complete REACH registration with the low costs and the short period of time. 


Our Services

We provide professional expertise and efficient solution/strategy in all REACH and CLP fields and chemicals managment for your international business development. Our expert team is highly qualified and experienced in REACH registration, chemical safety assessments, CLP and chemical management. Our service scope mainly covers: REACH consulting, REACH registration, REACH dossier preparation and submission,  chemical safety assessment (CSA) and chemical safety report (CSR), Exposure Scenario (ES), classification and labeling, C&L notification, OR service, generation of Exposure Scenarios and Risk Characterization, post REACH registration support, preparation of the safety data sheets (SDS) and extended safety data sheets (eSDS) in all languages, training courses. 

Our services cover EU-REACH, UK-REACH, Turkey REACH (KKDIK) and Korea REACH (K-REACH). 


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy and working principle: Responsibility, Integrity, Quality, Respect, Passion. We will always be your best reliable cooperation partner by helping you expanding your international market with our diligence, integrity and high efficiency in chemicals service.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide best cost-effective service and value-added solution to our clients. We support companies to comply with the chemicals regulatory requirements and optimize your chemicals management along the supply chain for your enhanced international competitiveness and market share of your chemicals on international market. 





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